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High Waist Zip Up Skinny Long Jeans

High Waist Zip Up Skinny Long Jeans

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Shascullfites's goal is to combine gym style with fashion, developing gym pant that is perfect for fitness and with a fashionable look. To achieve this, they combined seam hug sculpture technology and silicon printed technology, creating a perfect shaping pant with super stretchy fabric. It has seams to hug and slim the waist and leg, giving it an amazing structure to lift the bum.

This High Waist Zip Up Skinny Long Jeans is made of 80% cotton and 20% elastane, with a moderate stretch. It comes in sizes XS-2XL, with measurements for the waist and hip. Care instructions are to machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

XS: waist 24-26 in, hip 34-35 in

S: waist 26-27 in, hip 35-37 in

M: waist 27-29 in, hip 37-39 in

L: waist 29-30 in, hip 39-41 in

XL: waist 30-31 in, hip 41-43 in

2XL: waist 31-33 in, hip 43-45 in

Shascullfites pants are designed for fitness enthusiasts, but their amazing shaping effect and fashionable outlook make them a hot item on the streets of the world. Get your own pair and experience the difference!

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