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Full Size Lace Trim Shapewear with Zipper

Full Size Lace Trim Shapewear with Zipper

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This full-size lace trim shapewear with zipper from Bestfashion MN is perfect for any occasion. It comes in a full-size run and features a minimalist style with a solid pattern. The material is 90% polyester and 10% spandex, with a slight stretch. It is not lined and should be hand-washed cold and not tumble-dried.

The product measurements are as follows: S: bust 32-39 in, waist 27-30 in, hip 37-41 in; M: bust 39-42 in, waist 30-34 in, hip 41-44 in; L: bust 42-45 in, waist 34-37 in, hip 44-47 in; XL: bust 45-48 in, waist 37-40 in, hip 47-50 in; 2XL: bust 48-51 in, waist 40-43 in, hip 50-53 in; 3XL: bust 51-55 in, waist 43-46 in, hip 53-56 in; 4XL: bust 55-58 in, waist 46-48 in, hip 56-59 in; 5XL: bust 58-61 in, waist 48-52 in, hip 59-62 in; 6XL: bust 61-64 in, waist 52-55 in, hip 62-66 in.

This shapewear is perfect for any occasion and is sure to make you look and feel your best. Shop now at Richingombe!

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